Monday, 21 October 2013

Photo Activity

Today My group and I did an photo activity. As a team we worked together to match the pictures about farm's. We did this so it can help us with our learning and our animation's. It helped us learn where these thing come from. For e.g: Where does milk come from? Milk comes from a cow and the milk gets taken to a milk factory then the people at the factory perdue nice fresh milk. Then the milk man comes and takes the milk to super markets and shops, then people buy it and take it home for breakfast. And that's what we learned about.


  1. Hello Emmy. I attend the University of South Alabama in the United States and like you, I also blog in my class, EDM 310.
    First, I want to tell you how great you write. For six, you really impressed me a great deal.
    Second, your collaborative activity was a very important concept. We all need to know where our food comes from. When we do, we can make better choices at our supermarkets. We want milk from happy, free grazing cows, not penned up and fed antibiotics with bad diets cow's milk, right?
    Bottom line, great job all around! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Emmy! my name is Victoria Williams and I am studying elementary education at the University of South Alabama, U.S. I am so impressed that you and your fellow classmates are learning about farming and where the products we eat and drink come from. I am very excited that you are learning about farming. I live in the country where farming is a common tradition, and there are many farms around me. I also live on a nursery where my family has cultivated crops, and beautiful plants. Thank you for sharing all that you are learning. I hope you have a fabulous year! Remember that the sky is the limit, you can be anything you dream to be!


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