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Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Introduction: Mr Jacobson - Bike
Stage - music - theme: Game On

P1: Team 1 - Around the world athletes - Queen taking: Key message in her talk.

P2: Team 2 - Athletes competing in sports.

P3: Team 3 - Rhythmic Gymnastics - On stage - Describe what teachers used.

P4: Team 4 - Potato sculpture.

P5: Team 5 Around the world.

Walking sensible to the hall for immersion assembly, we covered ourselves with our jackets but it still spat rain upon our heads. Wiping our shoes against the carpet, I surprisingly looked to the stage to see what our theme was for this term. It was “Game On” but then shockingly, as I sat down in the second row of seats I see someone riding a bike but it wasn't really moving anyway, only the back wheel was moving. Suddenly Mrs Jacobson rode in on his bike but unfortunately Wyatt was in front of him so Mrs Jacobson couldn't go anyway but once Mrs Jacobson got off his bike he introduced us back to school.

Just then team 1 was getting ready for their performance but first they had a movie to share with us. Their movie was about the Glasgow games. The whole school was learning about the Glasgow games but different subjects. It showed athletes from different countries. It showed the queen talking but it wasn't the real one it was one of the teachers from team 1. After watching the movie they went up on the stage to show us which country they supported.

Next was team 2, team 2 shared a movie also. It was about athletes doing different events like running, boxing, shot put and javelin.

Later that morning team 2 just finished their movie. Then it was time for team 3, team 3’s was about rhythmic gymnastics where they had to dance like ballerinas. The equipment they used were ribbons, hula hoops and bounce balls they even wore tutu’s. As the movie played they danced like beautiful ballerinas. Everybody clapped and cheered as they got off the stage.

Sooner or later Mrs Jacobson welcomed the amazing team 4 to the stage. As everybody clapped and cheered as the wonderful movie from team 4 appeared on the screen. It showed the teacher supporting different teams in the potato event. Miss Ouano was competing from Scotland, Miss Lavakula was competing from India, Miss Garden was competing from, Mrs Somerville was competing from Canada and Mr Goodwin competing from Jamaica.

What they had to do was make potato sculptures, suddenly Mrs Somerville got disqualified from the games, meanwhile the other contestants were making their sculptures when Miss Garden took some of Miss Ouano potato, then Miss garden got disqualified from the games, she had a very sad look on her face but it wasn't over yet there was three more contents left. Once they finished their sculptures they presented it and the winner was Mr Goodwin competing from Jamaica. As everybody clapped and cheered, team 5’s movie appeared on the screen, it show all team 5’s teachers in different countries. Mrs Nua went to Spain, Miss Clark went to New York she met lots of people there like Kim Kardashian, Miss Paget went to Atlanta to see the blue angels, Miss Squires went to Peru, Miss Slade went to Fiji and Miss Tito went to Samoa. Once immersion assembly was finish we went back to class.

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